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WritingwJackeyMy publications are split by era. The first segment of 2006-2013 is work developed within transgender studies in relation to questions of sexuality, pornographic representation and cinematic aesthetics. It also includes an introduction to a special issue of the journal parallax on “Installing the Body” that has articles on dance, cinema, philosophy, and queer theory from scholars such as Beatriz Preciado, Erin Manning and Susan Stryker.

The second segment from 2014-Upcoming work has work that engages with affect studies and various visual and live artists, including Doran George, Heather Cassils, and Del LaGrace Volcano, who address trans*, queer and inter* issues. I also have a keyword entry on “Pornography” in the first issue of TSQ and on “Misogyny” in  Keywords for Radicals (AK Press). Next to research articles, I also contributed a trans studies methodologies chapter for a handbook with Palgrave and a trans art practices chapter for a feminist art companion with Wiley-Blackwell.


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