Trans* visual activism research in the Dutch press

Though media in the United States has experienced a surge in coverage of trans issues and celebrities, the Dutch press has been relatively quiet after Maxim Februari’s 2013 tour with his book, De Maakbare Man. Recently though, I contributed to two newspaper articles found here. Screenshot 2015-10-20 16.42.58

I first was asked to interview for a trans and non-binary gender debate piece in the Vonk weekend section of the Volkskrant, a national Dutch newspaper (3 October). From my quote there, I was invited to be interviewed for a profile of my current research, the Vital Art project on trans* visual activism. The profile came out in the regional paper, Leidsch Dagblad, in their Wednesday Science spread dedicated to Leiden area science news (14 October).

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Cassils “Incendiary Day” talks at MU with Jack Halberstam and more: 17 June

Incendiary Day

 Cassils’ art is radical and incendiary. They are not afraid of violence but incorporate it in their work in a very literal way, not to glorify but rather to oppose violence. Queer opposition. Cassils is certainly not the only artist that uses this method in their work, which is rooted in late 20th century art practices. Incendiary art might just be a new art category if it were up to Cassils and the speakers they collected with MU for the symposium held during their solo exhibition. Each one of them will give examples of what, in their eyes, could be Incendiary art and will take a closer look at the radical and queer aspects of Cassils’ work.

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Call for Abstracts: Affect Theory Conference, due May 18

Together with Aren Aizura and Kyla Schuller, I will be organizing a stream of panels on the topic “Affect and its Queer Intersections: Race, Trans*, and Biopolitics” at a very exciting conference this fall, October 14-17, 2015.  bloodofmyblood

Affect Theory: Worldings | Tensions | Futures takes place at Miller’s University in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is organized by the kickass team Gregory Seigworth, Heather Love and Lisa Marie Blackman. So CHECK IT OUT and remember: Monday 18 May is the deadline for ABSTRACTS to all of the streams… and please especially send in work for Stream #7. Read more ›

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First blogpost on the Huffington: An Interview with Yishay Garbasz

To discuss her upcoming show and way of working, Yishay Garbasz and I skyped for hours. Since she is severely dyslexic I transformed this conversation into a sort of interview piece that was published on the Huffington Post. I hope to continue doing these exercises of “research portraits” with gender variant artists as a way to develop my method for the Vital Art project. Yishay_SeveredConnectionArtForumADYishay has a show opening in New York City at

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Performative Lecture at Frascati Issues “Mr.Mrs.Mx” with Florentina Holtzinger

Recently I gave my first performative lecture called “Recovery POST-PERFORMANCE of an AFTERTALK” together with the solo artist that I was speaking about, the dynamic young dancer from Austria, Florentina Holtzinger. florentinaholzinger_RecoveryHer gripping, sexy and messy show “Recovery” was also at Frascati the evening before. Together we decided to stage a fight between the artist and critic, using boxing gloves, since a kickboxing scene is that the heart of the act. And I used to kickbox a bit, but what a dream come true to go at it with Flo! Thanks to the Frascati artistic director, Mark Timmer,

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Perverse Assemblages Symposium at Oldenburg (01-2015)

"Crime Scene" by Zanele Muholi

Zanele Muholi Crime Scene #1, 2012

I have been invited by the trans studies and media scholar Dr. Josch Hoenes to give a talk at the University of Oldenburg.

The program (kolleg) “Queer Studies and Intermedia: Art – Music – Media Culture” is organizing a symposium at the Institute of Art and Visual Culture. This three day event from January 20-31, 2015, is called “Perverse Assemblages. Queering heteronormative Read more ›

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TSQ Call for Papers: Translating Transgender (due 1 March 2015)

I am the editor for the Arts and Culture review section. Please contact me with your ideas on fresh art, groundbreaking cultural events, and to become a reviewer.
TSQ calls for papers: every issue is specially organized by guest editors.

Translating Transgender
Guest Editors: David Gramling and Anirudha Dutta TSQ image

This issue of Transgender Studies Quarterly calls for multilingual and translational critique. Submissions of 4000-9000 words (in any language). Due March 1, 2015 for publication in Spring 2016.

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