CfP! “Cinematic Bodies” issue of Somatechnics

Call for Papers:

Somatechnics special journal issue (Edinburgh University Press)

“Cinematic Bodies”

Co-edited by Cáel M. Keegan, Eliza Steinbock, Laura Horak

Submissions due: March 1st, 2017

Length: 6000 words + 200 word abstract + 150 word author biography

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still from Dandy Dust, 1998.

still from Dandy Dust, 1998.

This special issue of Somatechnics invites contributions on the topic of cinematic bodies. Cinema, broadly construed, is ripe for a somatechnical approach. Derived from the Greek soma (body) and techné (craftsmanship), the term somatechnics holds in view the lively enfleshment of techné and the practices of embodying via hard and soft technologies. From the first actualities and trick films, human and non-human bodies have assembled in and around filmic events, producing powerful cine-social apparatuses with paratextual and intertextual appendages (e.g. fan cultures, remakes, “the oppositional gaze” [hooks 1999]). We thus invite scholars to approach “the cinematic” broadly, as a sensorial and temporal flow of interrelations around images and sound that governs and opens possibilities for various embodiments. What might it mean, now, to occupy a “cinematic body”?

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March Blast of Trans Portraiture Practice, new HuffPo blog post and van Abbe Museum talk

What great day for (the official) transgender day of visibility! This month I’ve been working on getting more research out there in the public eye. I wrote a new ‘research portrait’ of J. Jackie Baier-Celina_in_Doorway-c-2003Baier focusing on her collaborative, extended portraits, which came out this morning on the Huffington Post, and tonight I’m giving a talk at the van Abbe Museum Eindhoven on “Navigating Portraiture while Gender Non-Conforming” (31 March). I’m the finale speaker of the “queering the collections” project, and the first to bring in images from trans visual artists, including Hans Scheirl, Pyuupiru, and Juliana Huxtable.

The blog post is titled, “Follow the Protagonist: Read more ›

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Giving a Genderqueer workshop at the Université de Lorraine, France (Jan. 21, 2016)

I’ve been invited by trans scholar Luc Schicharin to give a “genderqueer workshop” on my current research about writing research portraits of trans* visual activists for the event of “JOURNÉES DʼÉTUDES, UNE CHAMBRE À SOI: GENRES ET CORPS EN ART” (Study Days, A Room of One’s Own: Genders and Bodies in Art), organized by Crem and Team Praxitèle at the Université de Lorraine in Nancy, France

Bianca now

On January 21, 2016 my talk, “I’ll Be Your Crack’d Mirror: Socially Embedded Art Analysis of J. Jackie Baier (Berlin),” will take place in between performances by Read more ›

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Keynote in Moscow, Russia: “The Human Condition in an other-than-human-world” Symposium at the National Center for Contemporary Arts (Nov. 26-28)

An exciting series of art exhibitions on (post)humanism are slated for the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, Russia. The opening show “Elective Affinities” will be accompanied by the symposium “The Human Condition in an other-than-human-world” supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Contemporary curator Viktor Misiano and decolonial scholar Madina Tlostavona have invited myself and some seven other speakers.Screenshot 2015-11-02 20.07.02

My talk will be on behalf of the tranimacies collective about our special journal issue with Angelaki: the journal for the theoretical humanities (fortcoming in 2017) called, “Tranimacies: Intimate Links between Animal and Trans* Studies.”

Through analysis of a number of different artworks, I respond to the question: Read more ›

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Trans* visual activism research in the Dutch press

Though media in the United States has experienced a surge in coverage of trans issues and celebrities, the Dutch press has been relatively quiet after Maxim Februari’s 2013 tour with his book, De Maakbare Man. Recently though, I contributed to two newspaper articles found here. Screenshot 2015-10-20 16.42.58

I first was asked to interview for a trans and non-binary gender debate piece in the Vonk weekend section of the Volkskrant, a national Dutch newspaper (3 October). From my quote there, I was invited to be interviewed for a profile of my current research, the Vital Art project on trans* visual activism. The profile came out in the regional paper, Leidsch Dagblad, in their Wednesday Science spread dedicated to Leiden area science news (14 October).

Since the project itself Read more ›

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Cassils “Incendiary Day” talks at MU with Jack Halberstam and more: 17 June

Incendiary Day

 Cassils’ art is radical and incendiary. They are not afraid of violence but incorporate it in their work in a very literal way, not to glorify but rather to oppose violence. Queer opposition. Cassils is certainly not the only artist that uses this method in their work, which is rooted in late 20th century art practices. Incendiary art might just be a new art category if it were up to Cassils and the speakers they collected with MU for the symposium held during their solo exhibition. Each one of them will give examples of what, in their eyes, could be Incendiary art and will take a closer look at the radical and queer aspects of Cassils’ work.

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Call for Abstracts: Affect Theory Conference, due May 18

Together with Aren Aizura and Kyla Schuller, I will be organizing a stream of panels on the topic “Affect and its Queer Intersections: Race, Trans*, and Biopolitics” at a very exciting conference this fall, October 14-17, 2015.  bloodofmyblood

Affect Theory: Worldings | Tensions | Futures takes place at Miller’s University in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is organized by the kickass team Gregory Seigworth, Heather Love and Lisa Marie Blackman. So CHECK IT OUT and remember: Monday 18 May is the deadline for ABSTRACTS to all of the streams… and please especially send in work for Stream #7. Read more ›

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