Keynote in Moscow, Russia: “The Human Condition in an other-than-human-world” Symposium at the National Center for Contemporary Arts (Nov. 26-28)

An exciting series of art exhibitions on (post)humanism are slated for the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, Russia. The opening show “Elective Affinities” will be accompanied by the symposium “The Human Condition in an other-than-human-world” supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Contemporary curator Viktor Misiano and decolonial scholar Madina Tlostavona have invited myself and some seven other speakers.Screenshot 2015-11-02 20.07.02

My talk will be on behalf of the tranimacies collective about our special journal issue with Angelaki: the journal for the theoretical humanities (fortcoming in 2017) called, “Tranimacies: Intimate Links between Animal and Trans* Studies.”

Through analysis of a number of different artworks, I respond to the question:

What are the possible, imagined and visceral moments of intimacy between animal and trans* studies today? Figures of trans* and animal have long been intimately linked in troubling histories of the human/nonhuman interface — specifically shaped by colonialism, capitalism, biotechnology, and the modern medical-scientific industry. I will discuss how contemporary theorists and artworks forge new transanimal alliances through the critical investigation of the “intimate links” of circulating affects that engage multiple bodies, transgender experiences understood broadly, and (human) animals held in captivity and animating theory.



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