Cassils “Incendiary Day” talks at MU with Jack Halberstam and more: 17 June

Incendiary Day

 Cassils’ art is radical and incendiary. They are not afraid of violence but incorporate it in their work in a very literal way, not to glorify but rather to oppose violence. Queer opposition. Cassils is certainly not the only artist that uses this method in their work, which is rooted in late 20th century art practices. Incendiary art might just be a new art category if it were up to Cassils and the speakers they collected with MU for the symposium held during their solo exhibition. Each one of them will give examples of what, in their eyes, could be Incendiary art and will take a closer look at the radical and queer aspects of Cassils’ work.

Dominic Johnson

Julia Steinmetz 

Del LaGrace Volcano

Jack Halberstam

Eliza Steinbock moderator.

Where MU, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
When June 17th at 15.30 h.

15.30 doors open

16.00 introduction of the three speakers (Dominic Johnson, Julia Steinmetz and Del LaGrace Volcano) and a tour through the exhibition led by Cassils.

18.30 – 19.30 pause for dinner (guests can grab at a bite at Strijp S)

19.30 doors open

20.00 keynote by Jack Halberstam, book launch by Cassils and panel discussion with all of the speakers.

22.00 drinks after



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