Welcome, I’m Eliza Steinbock, a scholar, educator and cultural critic based in The Netherlands. I’m Associate Professor of Gender and Diversity Studies at Maastricht University. My work is fueled by a commitment to develop intersectional approaches to global visual cultures of marginalized identities andBlvd Festival Garden talk activism, especially relating to transgender lives and queer culture. On this home page you can quickly view my work or discuss a speaking engagement with me.

Nose around the site and learn about my research projects Vital Art: Transgender Portraiture as Visual Activism (2014-2018) and The Critical Visitor (2020-2025) consortium research on inclusion and accessibility within the heritage sector.

Check out my award-winning book Shimmering Images: Trans Cinema, Embodiment and the Aesthetics of Change (Duke UP, 2019), or the most recent news.

I hope that you find something here to pique your critical curiosity for bodies and art too.

Full CV from October 2021 (PDF to download)



Background image: detail from © Hans Scheirl, “Transgenics #14”, 2010.

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